Gökhan Textile
Gökhan Textile


For over 30 years, contracted production of towels, bathrobes, home and sleep wear is made for world’s leading brands. The standards adopted, that are already unbeatable, for the quality of production, services and timely delivery are set higher every year by the facility on the path to perfection.
Gokhan Tekstil, besides contracted production, has been producing for its private brand “Soft Cotton” since 1999. The collection, sold in tens of countries in 4 continents, is consisted of high quality towels, bathrobes, slippers and bath mats. The Brand Collection, enriched by seasonal dynamism, is offered in home textile boutiques and on-line stores from China to the United States and from Russia to Europe.
Towels: 40.000 kg/month | Bathrobes: 60,000 adet/month | Bedding / Housedress: 50,000 sets/month

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