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Gökhan Textile
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Gokhan Tekstil, with yarn spinning, weaving, dyeing/finishing, digital printing, sewing and embroidery units, is an integrated establishment producing towels, bathrobes, home/sleep wear and cotton woven fabrics.

Gokhan Tekstil started business with active marketing of textiles in 1977 and became an industrial producer by the end of 1987.

The famous Turkish Aegean Cotton is processed at Gokhan’s integrated facilities. The natural softness of cotton is reflected onto yarns and fabrics, and eventually to towels and bathrobes.

The secret, underlying the success achieved during Gokhan Tekstil’s more than 40 years of history, is the unselfish, conscious and dedicated contributions of the work force to production, plus the rational and timely decisions taken by the management for planned growth.

The 95% of the ready-made production is exported to more than 50 countries in 4 continents.

The main factor behind Gokhan Tekstil being recognized as a reliable production partner in the global markets is the principles adopted for the quality of production and services and timely deliveries.

The production is made with latest technology machinery in 65,000 m² factory space by more than 600 employees.

Gokhan Tekstil, besides contracted production, has been producing for its private brand “Soft Cotton” since 1999. The collection, sold in tens of countries in 4 continents, is consisted of high quality towels, bathrobes, slippers and bath mats. The Brand Collection, enriched by seasonal dynamism, is offered in home textile boutiques and on-line stores from China to the United States and from Russia to Europe.

It is adopted as the mission by Gokhan Tekstil to be indispensable in all areas for “those who seek the best” with the willing support of the work force.

Gokhan Tekstil’s successful achievements in its past give the clues to where it will be in the future.